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Is Tapentadol 100mg a perfect opioid medication? If so where can I buy Tapentadol in California?

Scientific studies have recently suggested that pain, apart from being a source of immense discomfort, impacts the cognitive levels of the individual’s capacity. Defined as a localized or diffuse form of unpleasant sensation caused by illness or injury, when persisting for a prolonged period, it can impact the sufferer’s lifestyle with other health impacts including depression and mental anxiety.

Statistics have found the overall prevalence in the states to be 20.4% with high-impact chronic pain incidence going as high as 7.4 %; the problem increases on the basis of settlement and ethnicity.

 In such cases, painkillers are not just a treatment measure but virtually the only way of reducing the level of discomfort by providing relief to the patient. Of the 3 types of painkillers i.e NSAIDs, Paracetamol, and opioids, the latter is considered most effective because of their quick action and greater intensity of relief.  Tapentadol is one such opioid FDA-approved for the treatment of pain conditions.

Tapentadol – A brief word

Introduced in the 1980s by a German pharmaceutical, Tapentadol is a centrally-acting opioid analgesic belonging to the benzoic group of medications. It works in a dual mode as an agonist of mu-opioid receptors and as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor for effective analgesic function. Analgesia after the use of Tapentadol occurs within 30-40 minutes of use and once obtained lasts for 4-6 hours


Is it a perfect opioid medication?

It is important to understand the following factors before understanding whether or not it is the perfect opioid medication. 

  • Quality of life

In a study conducted to investigate the quality of life and functionality changes in chronic pain conditions treated with Tapentadol, subjects were administered Tapentadol or Oxycodone on a comparison basis. Both medications were given on a 3-week titration dose followed by a 12-week maintenance period.

Tapentadol was administered 50 mg bid for the first 3 days, 100 mg bid for the next 4 days, and subsequently adjusted to a maximum of 250 mg bid during the titration period. Oxycodone was administered 10mg bid, 20 mg bid, and 50 mg bid respectively. The SF-36 (pain measurement score ) was significantly greater throughout the study in Tapentadol in comparison to Oxycodone. The results showed that Tapentadol PR can provide consistent, clinically relevant improvements in quality of life and functionality in chronic pain. 

  • Tapentadol in the management of cancer pain

Owing to considerable progress in the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, life expectancy has increased. But the long-term treatment of cancer-related and chemotherapy-induced chronic pain is still a topic requiring further research and evaluation.

In a bid to further evaluate the efficiency of Tapentadol in cancer patients, 2 randomized double-blind trials were held in Asia and Europe subsequently. The Asian study included subjects with any type of cancer but mostly within the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract.

The European study included subjects with chronic, moderate to severe malignant tumor-related pain that were opioid-native or pretreated with opioid medications and dissatisfied with their previous analgesic medication. It included subjects with breast cancer, cancer of the respiratory tract, or prostate cancer. 

On the evaluation of neuropathic components, there was a tendency for a higher response rate to Tapentadol that did not reach statistical significance in the small study. But significantly lower percentages of patients with treatment-emergent adverse reactions were observed in the Tapentadol PR group in comparison to the Morphine group. The improved efficiency was especially so in gastrointestinal side effects that were considerably reduced in the Tapentadole group. 

The study proved that in patients unsatisfied with their previous cancer-related analgesic medication, switching to Tapentadol is feasible and well tolerated. Additionally, it has proved its improved analgesic efficacy in these cases. 

  • Tapentadol for post- surgical analgesia

Other than chronic pain relief, Tapentadol has shown improved efficiency in cases of acute pain induced by post-surgical situations. To prove this, three, randomized, double-blind trials were performed in total hip-replacement surgery, abdominal hysterectomy, and bunionectomy among patients included in the trial study. Tapentadol IR was administered every 4-6 hours for a total of 72 hours and included in all trials as opposed to Oxycodone IR in hip replacement, morphine IR in abdominal hysterectomy, and bunionectomy. 

All three trials demonstrated statistically significant improvements in Tapentadol over other medications. These findings were consistent with findings of total pain relief assessments and patient’s global impression of change in their overall health status after 72 hours; further improving their popularity.

Even patients with joint replacement surgery with uncontrolled osteoarthritis pain have reported positive outcomes with Tapentadol IR 50 mg and 75 mg.

Additionally, there have been highly successful results of the use of Tapentadol in children below the age of 2 years. The PK of Tapentadol in these cases has been well within the targeted range known to be safe for adults. This has made health experts and researchers hopeful about the scope of Tapentadol as a possible new treatment option in children less than 2 years requiring strong analgesia.

Tapentadol abuse potential

The risk of abuse was higher in opioids than other painkillers, in a proactive surveillance program conducted to monitor opioid abuse and diversion across all phases of drug abuse in the US; findings showed that the overall population-based rates of abuse and diversion were lower for Tapentadol in comparison to Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Additionally, they were stable over time across all four datasets.

The study further found that intentional exposure rates for Tapentadol were low along with the non-medical use of the medication. The overall abuse liability of the medication was significantly lower than that of other opioids. Furthermore, Tapentadol ER was associated with less frequent, alternative modes of administration than other ER opioids.

Reduced side-effects

Often prolonged use of painkillers in chronic pain conditions can increase the risk of a series of side effects like – 

In a study conducted to evaluate the undesired side effects of Tapentadol in comparison to Oxycodone, another equally potent opioid analgesic, a meta-analysis of randomized trials was conducted. A total of 9 trials involving 7948 patients were evaluated of which 2810 had taken Oxycodone and 5138 had taken Tapentadol in equivalent analgesic doses as documented by an equivalent analgesic effect. 

The risk of opioid-based adverse reactions like nausea, vomiting, constipation, somnolence, and dizziness was reduced by using Tapentadol for analgesic treatment. Comparatively only dryness of mouth and dyspepsia were increased on using Tapentadol instead of Oxycodone. There were no significant differences in the relative risk of other investigated adverse reactions like headaches, dysentery, or fatigue.

The study proved that using Tapentadol can significantly reduce the risk of typical opioid-based side effects in comparison to Oxycodone; while providing equivalent analgesic treatment.

All of these above-mentioned facts prove that Tapentadol is so far the best in the treatment of chronic and nociceptive pain. It provides better symptomatic relief and has fewer side effects with reduced abuse potential. This further increases its efficiency as a long-term treatment option. The viability of the medication for severe pain cases and that in children below 2 years of age further proves that Tapentadol 100mg  is the perfect opioid medication.

Where can I buy Tapentadol in California?

Tapentadol is a Schedule 8 medication available only through prescription. You can buy Tapentadol in California from the following resources. 


You can obtain Tapentadol from registered pharmacies in California dealing with the distribution of Tapentadol and other analgesic medication. It is important to have a prescription for your condition beforehand as it is virtually impossible to obtain it without the prescription.

Registered Clinics

Clinics authorized for the sale of Tapentadol can enable you to obtain the medication and its refills with special benefits available to terminally ill, protected groups, and military personnel. You can avail of the medication through discounted rates in these places through health insurance. 

National or State Programs

National and State programs are an integral part of California health care that caters to the needs of patients without health insurance. Federally funded community centers enable smooth healthcare with Tapentadol availability to patients for both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Online portals

Online portals are one of the most popular ways of obtaining Tapentadol without having to search for pharmacies or wait in clinics for refills of the medication. It is a convenient option for people with mobility issues or home-bound users along with being economical as well due to various deals available online.

That said, the use of the medication comes with its own set of risks and adverse reactions making it important to take precautionary measures throughout buying and using it.


  • Safety while buying it online

It is important to avail the medication from reputed online portals so as to obtain genuine products for your use. Check online reviews to give you an idea about the site and its customer service so there are fewer hiccups throughout the transaction.

  • Dosage check

Tapentadol is available in Extended Release and Immediate Release formulations. Immediate Release version Tapentadole is available in strengths of 50, 75, and 100 mg. Extended-release Tapentadole is available in strengths of 50, 100, 150, 200, and 200mg. Check the formulation and strength of the medication before ordering them through pharmacies or portals online. 

  • Not for everyone

Tapentadol is contraindicated in patients with significant respiratory depression and acute or severe bronchial asthma or hypercapnia. It is even contraindicated in patients with paralytic ileus (intestinal obstruction). Additionally, its use is still under observation in pregnant or breastfeeding ladies and should be avoided as such.

  • Drug interactions

Tapentadol should not be used in people using MAO inhibitors. It should also not be used with pain medications like Naltrexone, Butorphanol, and Nalbuphine.

  • Abuse potential

Even with reduced abuse potential, Tapentadol should not be used indiscriminately or without the supervision of a medical practitioner as this will result in abuse-related adverse reactions.

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