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Why is Ziverdo Kit so famous in 2022?

With every new strain of bacteria or virus comes its variant. A byproduct of the virus similar to it in properties but modified structure. Antibiotics and antivirals terminate the bacteria and virus initially but they start developing resistance in course of time. Because of this, the infections that they cause are harder to treat. This, in turn, results in greater emotional, physical and financial distress because of prolonged time taken for the inflammation to subside with increased hospital charges.

Combination medications

When one drug starts losing its effectiveness, it becomes important to search for more effective options; most importantly combination medications. Combination medications are medications containing more than drugs for effectively dealing with the bacterial or viral strain. They can be either available as a single drug or in the form of two or more separate products as a unit. Combination medications can be either prescription medications or be more readily available over the counter ones. Conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis are a few of the antibiotic-resistant diseases that respond effectively to combination medications. Ziverdo Kit is one such combination dose available in kit form.

A word about Ziverdo kit

Ziverdo Kit is a medication kit containing three medications namely Zinc Acetate, Doxycycline and Ivermectin. They are available in strength of 50mg, 100mg and 12mg respectively. Doxycycline is an antibiotic medication while Ivermectin is an anthelmintic or anti-parasitic drug. Zinc Acetate is a supplement that boosts the immunity of the body to help the body fight the disease in a more effective manner. It is the triple combination of three completely different active ingredients that gives the kit the advantage of dealing with both bacterial and viral conditions in an effective manner.

What is it used for?

The Doxycycline present in Ziverdo kit is a broad spectrum antibiotic used for a bacterial and amoebic infections along with those of the urinary tract. It is used to treat long, nose and throat infection with effectively dealing with blemishes and acne. Ivermectin, another component of the, works on killing the larvae of the parasite or bacteria causing the problem thus preventing further spread of the disease. Instead of directly killing the parasite, it stuns them after which it is removed from the body. Ivermectin is used in a variety of anti-parasitic infection with ringworm infestation. Additionally, it is said to improve the immunity of the body. Zinc plays an important role in cell metabolism and DNA repair. It is an important factor for cell growth and division along with playing a part in red blood cell function. Apart from bacterial and viral, even cancerous conditions are better dealt with zinc supplementation methods.

Why is Ziverdo Kit so famous?

The recent times have seen a drastic increase in the incidence of pneumonia, flu and other particularly single drug resistant conditions. Through its combination therapy, Ziverdo kit has proved itself an effective combination taking care of antibiotic resistance in an effective manner. Because of its work in halting the progression of the disease, it has proved itself a cost effective method of dealing with antibiotic resistance induced cases of prolonged hospital stay. Additionally, it has also decreased the cost associated with prolonged monotherapies and long term use of one medication.

Because of its unique combination, it has the potential to come in handy in cases of oncological problems in certain cancer patients. The combinations of Ziverdo Kit have been selected in such a manner to ensure compliance, synergy and increased efficacy for a condition than when used individually. Because of improved results noticed in a short time after use of kit, the risk of adverse reactions, side-effects or overuse effects associated with long term use of monotherapy can be considerably reduced. Additionally, the combination has been carefully selected. Its concomitant use shows improved medicine concordance without the risk of drug interactions associated with its combined use.

Can it work for Covid cases?

Since it’s advent in 2019, the SARS COVID virus has resulted in serious casualties and increased mortality rate worldwide. The virus enters the body through the ACE 2 receptors of the nasal lining after which it collects in the throat, lungs, gastrointestinal tract. It starts multiplying at the same time stirring up a cytokinetic storm that impacts the immunity of the body. Pneumonia, flu, gastrointestinal issues are some of the chief complaints associated with Covid virus before development of serious issues. Ziverdo contains Doxycycline with Ivermectin the combination of which has been considered previously for Covid positive cases. But the trials using the combination did not produce any satisfactory or concrete results. The trials were even discontinued due to various reasons. Ziverdo has the potential to be effective for Covid positive cases. While Doxycycline can deal with cases of pneumonia, one of the chief symptoms of the virus, Ivermectin can prevent the virus from actively replicating. In that way, it can destroy the virus with preventing its further spread in the body. Additionally, Zinc sulphate can help boost the immunity to help fight the virus effectively. But as of now, it has not been approved by WHO or the FDA for Covid use. Trials need to be conducted to prove its efficacy for the condition.

What should we be careful about?

The contents of Ziverdo kit do not interact with each other. But they can interact with other drugs when used as a single unit in combination with other drugs. It is important to consult your medical practitioner regarding possible drug interactions and keep them in mind before concomitantly using them with other medications. Similarly side-effects can occur on misuse or overuse of the kit and should be avoided as such. It is important to understand that Ziverdo kit has its share of contraindications as well. It should not be used in pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. Neither should it be used in people with liver disorders or those allergic to either of the medications in the kit. Additionally, you should thoroughly check the leaflet regarding the proper use, storage and required dose of the individual medicines in the kit. This will reduce any possibility of wrong use with the incidents of side-effects associated with its incorrect use.

Take home factor

Ziverdo Kit is an important therapy during these times of increased antibiotic resistance and subsequently decreased immunity. It has the potential to come in handy In a number of bacterial, parasitic, viral and even oncological conditions. But the efficacy of any kit can be proved only through researches and studies which can provide the added advantage of spreading awareness about it. Trials need to be conducted to know about it’s use in other medical conditions as well as its effectiveness in preexisting conditions. Judicious use of the medication is required to enable better distribution of the kit to actually needy patients who can tremendously benefit through it.

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